Is Ladang Lima flour Organic?
We planted Non-GMO cassava in an organic planting standard which is not using pesticide or any other chemical substance.

Where can I buy Ladang Lima Flour?
Ladang Lima flour currently available at particular baking store and supermarket in Jakarta, Surabaya, and Bali. For the location update, please contact our marketing sales.

How to use Ladang Lima flour to make dough?
Just mix Ladang Lima flour by following the recipe, Ladang Lima can absorb water better than wheat flour, this make Ladang Lima produced more dough than wheat flour in one dose.

Does Ladang Lima similar to Tapioca Flour?
No it doesn't, tapioca flour indeed made from cassava, but it is processed from the cassava starch. Therefore it doesnt have much nutrients and it has glutinous characteristic. Ladang Lima is processed from fresh cut cassava root which planted naturally without any chemicals fertilizer and using biotechnology method. Therefore, Ladang Lima has similar used and texture like wheat flour that can be used for all of food creation.

Wow! Can use it for baking bread right?
Because the main point to baking bread is gluten, SO when you will bake a bread from us, you must added binding agent like Xanthan Gum, Guar Gum or CMC then applied 70% our flour mix with pea flour or others.

What kind of creations does Ladang Lima Flour can be used?
Ladang Lima Flour can be used do any kind of food creations that basically made of flour: cake, cookies, pastry, crackers, biscuit, traditional cake, etc.

So what makes Ladang Lima healthy?
Ladang Lima flour has five goodness: Gluten Free, White natural Color (No bleaching), rich in iron and Calsium, source of fiber, and Ladang Lima is healhty Flour with Low Glycemic Index.

What is difference between Ladang Lima flour than the other flour?
Ladang Lima is gluten free flour which is only made from cassava without other mixed ingredients and it could be used for all cooking creation.

What is Gluten Free Flour?
Gluten Free flour that free of gluten substance this safe consumed for everyone especially people who are having gluten intolerance, children with special needs who are not supposed to consumed gluten and those who wants a better work for boys metabolism.

What is Ladang Lima Flour?
Ladang Lima Flour is all purpose healthy flour made from cassava with 5 goodness authentic Indonesia.